With a severe outbreak of the Coronavirus starting to spread alongside the seasonal flu, the medical staff has been advising patients to start Glutathione therapy now.
There is nothing more effective than to help prevent and lessen the severity of these severe viruses.

Fighting Infections

When Glutathione (GSH) is depleted, immune cells lose their ability to fight infections. [1]

Low levels of GSH and higher infections

Researchers associate Low levels of GSH with poor immunity and a higher incidence of infections in numerous chronic diseases. [2] Inflammation caused by viral infections increases oxidative stress in the body, which results in higher consumption of Glutathione. [3]

Glutathione aids in fighting off infections

By boosting the immune response of white blood cells that combat infections like a natural killer (NK) and T-cells, Glutathione aids in fighting off bacterial and viral infections. Additionally, T-cells enhanced by GSH can generate a more significant amount of infection-fighting compounds and have a controlling effect on both bacterial and viral infections. [4]

Glutathione’s direct antibacterial action

Glutathione possesses a direct antibacterial action by assisting immune system cells in combatting the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis. [2] According to researchers, “GSH can regulate the actions of various cells, such as those in the immune system. It enhances innate and adaptive immune responses and provides defense against microbial, viral, and parasitic infections.” [5]

Maintaining a robust immune system with Glutathione

Maintaining a robust immune system is crucial for good health, and adding Glutathione to your supplement regimen can help you achieve or sustain it.



Because Glutathione is a sulfer-based amino acid, anyone with a sulfer allergy should not take it.

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