Hormone Therapy Weight Loss

Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

Core Medical Group will help you explore the benefits of Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

Hormone Replacement Therapy can help prevent you from gaining weight by keeping your estrogen levels optimized by helping control body composition changes . 


“A recent study found that women who used HRT had one point lower on the BMI scale and also had about 3 pounds less of body fat compared to women who didn’t use hormone replacement therapy.” ( The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.)


Metabolic Risks of Extra Body Fat


This is specifically important, due to extra body fat, even if your weight stays around the same amount, it is also associated with other metabolic changes like insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. While it increases your risk for becoming overweight or obese but it also can lead to other health issues like heart problems and diabetes.


Role of Estrogen in Reproductive Health


Estrogen is one of three sex hormones for women along with testosterone and progesterone. Estrogen plays a crucial role in your reproductive health. 


The development of secondary sex characteristics (breasts, hips, etc.), menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are all possible, because of estrogen. Estrogen plays an important role in other body systems. Both men and women make this hormone.


Estrogen and Metabolism


Estrogen plays an important role in your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is the rate that you burn calories at. There are multiple factors that affect your metabolism, including age and your genetics. 


There is evidence that supports lower estrogen levels can also slow down your metabolism, which can make it even harder to lose weight. When this happens, the best route is to either exercise daily and/or to eat less calories to make up for your slower metabolism.


HRT and Metabolic Enhancement


Hormone Replacement Therapy can help improve your body’s estrogen levels, which in turn, can prevent menopause-like symptoms. HRT for Women can help you to burn more calories while at rest and while exercising.


Combatting Fatigue with HRT


Fatigue is a common symptom that many women experience that can make it really hard to lose weight. Feeling super tired all the time can have you reaching for comfort foods in your body’s attempt to get more energy, which may also be higher in calories. It can also make it harder to workout if you’re constantly feeling tired.


HRT Solution for Energy and Weight Management


There is a solution! HRT at Core Medical Group is male and female treatment that can help increase your energy levels and help combat weight loss. 


Most of your symptoms are due to fluctuating and decreasing hormone levels. If you have fatigue due to unbalanced hormone levels, hormone replacement therapy can help take away your symptoms so you can feel more energetic and better manage your weight through diet and exercise.


Hot Flashes and Their Impact on Weight Loss


Specifically for women, hot flashes are another pre-menopause symptom can obstruct your weight loss goals. Hot flashes can occur at any time and usually make it seem like your body is on fire. 


Making it difficult to exercise or feel motivated to do anything that will make you feel ever warmer. Although exercising is very beneficial it can be a reason for “hot flashes”. Going for a walk everyday is a great way to help reduce stress and improve your BMI. 


Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most effective treatments for vasomotor symptoms, which is the medical term for “hot flashes” and “night sweats”. Starting on HRT during menopause can improve your hot flash symptoms and make it easier for you to burn extra fat through a healthy exercise ritual.


Mood Swings, Depression, and Weight Management


During menopause, you could also be struggling with mood swings and depression, both which can make it harder to maintain a healthy diet and exercise for weight loss. 


Depressive symptoms can make it hard to get out of bed, adding exercise to the list as well. Depression can lead to overeating for lots of people, which also leads to weight gain.


If your mood changes are due to hormonal changes during menopause, then hormone imbalance treatment with HRT can help. 


Keeping your hormones in order with hormone replacement therapy can also help stabilize and raise your mood so you can eat healthier and workout for weight loss.


Sleep Disturbances During Menopause


Another issue numerous women face during menopause is sleep changes, specifically sleep disturbances. You might experience insomnia, interruptions from night sweats, and more issues that make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. This, in turn, can make it harder to lose weight.


Leveraging HRT for Improved Sleep and Weight Loss


If you’re constantly tired because of sleep deprivation from menopause, your body is more likely to crave fast energy sources that also happen to have a lot of calories, like foods and drinks that are higher in sugars. 


On top of that, if you’re tired and can’t sleep well at night, it’s way less likely you’ll get to the gym after work or at all. Hormone replacement therapy can help solve many of these sleep issues during menopause, which can help you with weight loss by making it easier to make healthier diet and exercise choices.


Hormone Imbalance Treatment from



Our team at Core Medical Group is here to help you feel your best during menopause. Our hormone replacement therapy solutions are personalized to you to help you feel your best and treat your symptoms. 


We work with you to improve your overall health, including maintaining a healthy weight, getting enough sleep, and ensuring that you get the preventative care you need. We help you take care of your body so you can take care of those you love. 


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