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Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

If you are not at your ideal weight and are struggling with finding a weight loss method that works for you, medical weight loss services from our team at CORE Medical Group may be a great solution. With the help of lipotropic compounds stimulating the breakdown of fat during metabolism, your body will be at its peak ability to shed fat.

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Core Medical Group Weight Loss Benefits

Our doctor supervised medical weight loss programs help patients identify the root cause of why weight gain has become a problem and weight loss is challenging. At Core Medical Group we have outlined our customized therapies designed to work best for you.

The first step to our medical weight loss program starts with our individualized testing and telehealth physical exam so we can help you quickly and effectively lose stubborn stored body fat, develop healthy eating choices, reduce your risk of disease and increase your energy levels. Our mission is to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Medical weight loss and healthy weight management is your replacement for risky diets, diet pills and surgery. Our comprehensive and personalized weight management program based on medical evidence that identifies and targets your personal root causes of obesity and weight gain.




  • Reduces body fat.
  • Regulates fat metabolism.
  • Stimulates Lipolysis.
  • Inhibits Lipogenesis.
  • Triggers fat release.


  • Enhances the consumption of fatty acids and reduces glucose utilization.
  • Improves HDL triglyceride levels.
  • Advanced fat clearance and up regulation in fat utilization.
  • Enhanced fat oxidation in skeletal muscle.
  • Treatment for obesity, lipid disorders, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Improves exercise capacity.


  • Regulates Cellular Metabolism.
  • Stimulates glucose utilization in skeletal muscle.
  • Increase glucose clearance.
  • Coordinates cellular glucose, mitochondrial, and fatty acid metabolism.
  • Prevents HFD-obesity by increasing energy expenditure including heat production and insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduce fat accumulation by robust carbs usage and reduced fatty acid synthesis.


  • Protects the liver from fat accumulation and insulin resistance.
  • Improves muscle function by preventing muscle atrophy and inflammation.
  • Critical for normal heart function and recovery from injury.
  • Aids with immunity and anti-inflammatory.
  • NAD+ declines as we age. It has been proven that NAD+ loss is linked to disabilities such as, hearing loss, hair loss, immune deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and metabolic dysfunction.

Medical weight loss includes lipotropic injections of:

  • Vitamin B12 – Essential for proper function of the nervous system
  • Choline – Required for the proper metabolism of fat
  • Inositol – Involved in the breakdown of fat
  • Methionine – Amino acid involved in fat and protein metabolism

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