CORE Medical Group Joins Forces with Fadeaway Medical Esthetics to form Chicago’s Premiere Wellness and Anti-Aging Destination

CORE Medical Group Joins Forces with Fadeaway Medical Esthetics to form Chicago’s Premiere Wellness and Anti-Aging Destination


The team at CORE Medical Group, Center of Rejuvenation Experts, has the pleasure to announce their seventh location in Chicago, Illinois. The newest CORE location will be part of Fadeaway Esthetics. We are joining forces to form Chicago’s most robust wellness and anti-aging medical aesthetics practice.


Partnership With Fadeaway Esthetics

“As soon as we walked into Fadeaway Esthetics and met the owner there, we immediately knew that CORE would be the perfect partner,” shares CORE Medical Group CEO, Sidney Gordon. Moreover, The two practices are an ideal match, complementing each other perfectly. On one hand, CORE brings its expertise in internal and hormone health, while on the other. Additionally, Fadeaway Esthetics is the leader in facial aesthetics. With this partnership, patients can now fight the effects of age from the inside out.

Moreover, Darcie McDonaugh, Owner of Fadeaway Esthetics, also expresses excitement about this collaboration. In addition, “Chicago is a trendy city where everyone wants to look and feel their best. Furthermore, Aesthetics has always been the go-to solution, and we are proud of our rapid growth in this competitive space.

However, we knew that the next step was to help our patients achieve optimal health from the inside out. This way, they can not only look good but also feel good about themselves.” As a long-time admirer of CORE Medical’s approach, particularly their Veteran and First Responder Program, Darcie believes that this partnership is an excellent fit for Edison Park, a community of first responders.


Krzysztof Kacprzak: Leading Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Expert

CORE Chicago location will be overseen by Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Expert, Krzysztof Kacprzak, MD. He is a Functional Medicine expert and has worked with us for over 25 years.

Additionally, He believes through individual diagnostic testing, a patient-centric approach, and personal treatment plans, you can identify the root causes of any symptoms a patient is experiencing. Lastly, This treatment can help restore lost hormone levels and prevent age-related diseases.

“Besides offering our clients across the U.S. the option of phone or video consultations and telehealth treatments, our local Chicago patients now have the ability to visit us at a physical location for an even more personal experience and a wider range of treatments, including the latest in aesthetics”, states Dr. Kacprzak.


Health and Wellness Services

The services will include:

  • Advanced Blood Testing;
  • Testosterone Therapy;
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy;
  • Nutrient IV Therapy;
  • Medical Weight Loss;
  • Sexual Dysfunction Treatments; 
  • Peptide Therapy;


Aesthetic and body services

They will include:

  • Botox;
  • Dermal Fillers;
  • Lip Enhancement; 
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.


Contact Us

To learn more about our personalized and comprehensive approach to anti-aging, visit CORE Medical Group at their newest location at 6547 N. Northwest Hwy. Chicago, IL 60631.

For more information on CORE Medical Group, visit

About Core Medical Group

Core Medical Group, the Center of Rejuvenation Experts, is a full-service wellness and anti-aging medical practice. The clinic unequivocally commits to helping patients safely and effectively treat the negative effects of aging.

Notably, the Core team designs personal programs and recommends innovative solutions to their patients, in order to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. These solutions help patients balance and optimize hormones, increase energy, enhance performance, and improve their overall quality of life. These solutions create a holistic approach to anti-aging.

With seven convenient locations along the East Coast, a 24/7 concierge medicine service, and telehealth option, patients across the U.S. can receive exceptional care anytime and anywhere. The clinics can do it regardless of their location or schedule.

As a result, CORE Medical Group is indisputably at the forefront of the healthcare revolution, and patients can discover the CORE difference for themselves by receiving unparalleled and customized medical care.


CORE Locations: Chicago, IL, Miami, FL, Delray Beach, FL , Boca Raton, FL, Syosset, NY, Jericho, NY, Norwood, MA and Saugus, MA


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