The Effects of Utilizing Poor Quality Testosterone Supplements

The Effects of Utilizing Poor Quality Testosterone Supplements

Sidney Gordon and Charlie Blaisdell sit down to discuss estrogen blockers, HCG, vitamin D3 deficiency and other issues.

One of the key concerns they address is how some patients tend to overlook these critical factors when seeking solutions for their hormonal health.

Instead of consulting with healthcare professionals and undergoing appropriate testing, they often rely on their local supplement stores to purchase subpar testosterone supplements.

These individuals opt for quick fixes such as pills or creams. They are unaware that these products may not provide the necessary support or address their specific needs.

Dr. Lach administers all of the necessary tests to ensure that patients get set to the optimal levels of testosterone.

That would help to manage proper estrogen levels. Managing hormone levels both testosterone and estrogen are necessary. It ensures you achieve healthy, ongoing results.


Poor Quality Testosterone


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