Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis & Treatment



Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis & Treatment


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Initially, before diagnosing erectile dysfunction, a doctor will do a thorough examination that will include the following:

  • medical and sexual history
  • medication history
  • surgical history
  • physical exam
  • blood work
  • international index of Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis questionnaire that will assess quality of erectile function and sexual intercourse

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Exploring Comprehensive Solutions

Core Medical Group adopts a multi-faceted approach to effectively address erectile dysfunction (ED) – commonly known as male impotence. To ensure thorough care, one of Core’s highly-trained physicians conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the individual, aiming to identify the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. This initial step is pivotal in developing a personalized treatment regimen.

In addition, physicians commonly prescribe a PDE5 inhibitor medication as the primary treatment for erectile dysfunction, simultaneously addressing any potential underlying factors such as potassium deficiency or arsenic contamination in drinking water.

Moreover, with the introduction of sildenafil or Viagra as the initial PDE5 inhibitor, subsequent medications like Cialis and Levitra have emerged. Nonetheless, it is important to note that certain medical conditions may render the PDE5 inhibitor ineffective or contraindicated for some patients.

Furthermore, our dedicated physicians thoroughly explore a wide range of treatment options, which encompass Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), prostaglandin tablets inserted into the urethra, and intra-cavernosal injections administered with a fine needle directly into the penis, all of which have the potential to induce an erection.


Trimix – The Most Injectable Treatment, Revolutionizing Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Consequently, Trimix is the most commonly used injectable treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is a three-drug cocktail comprising alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine as the active ingredients in the mixture. The active ingredients in the mixture are usually alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine.

It is crucial for our physicians to determine the appropriate dosage of Trimix when initiating its use, as the dosage may differ for each individual patient. Moreover, we offer our patients guidance on the least intrusive method of administering the treatment.

In conclusion, by tailoring the dosage and educating our patients on the most gentle approach to its administration, we strive to ensure optimal outcomes and minimize any discomfort or inconvenience experienced during the treatment process

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