Erectile Dysfunction and Men’s Health

Erectile Dysfunction and Men’s Health 

There’s a silent epidemic going. Shame and isolation keep this health problem in the dark. Millions of men struggle silently with a low sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction (ED).  Over the last ten years, Core Medical Group has seen thousands of patients. Based on their blood work the conversation of ED comes up more frequently than not.  Patients typically come in for other health problems, with no mention of ED or low libido. It’s not until we dig deeper with the many health questions we ask in functional medicine and find out about their struggles in the bedroom.

There is lots of stigma around ED

And we want to break the cycle! Low libido and ED have everything to do with low testosterone levels and blood flow. Other symptoms include weight gain, irritability, and breast tissue enlargement. If you are going through any of these, do a quick Google search for “the top reasons why men struggle with erectile dysfunction and a low libido”. You will see the symptoms above match our medical doctor’s advice in this blog.

Signs and Symptoms of ED

Lack of Exercise 

Working out can increase your overall health and increase testosterone and sexual performance.  

Low DHEA Levels

DHEA is a hormone the adrenal glands produces, and one of its jobs is to be a precursor to testosterone. DHEA plays an important role in sexual function. We measure levels such as DHEA and Testosterone in our full blood panel. 

Low Magnesium Levels

Magnesium is critical for hundreds of intricate pathways that keep us alive and thriving. And testosterone optimization is another reason to make sure your Mg levels are on point. Medical literature explains that supplementing 10 mg magnesium per kilogram of body weight significantly boosted T levels in just four weeks.

Low Vitamin D Levels

Every cell of your brilliant body needs vitamin D to vibrate at optimal capacity. Studies have shown that supplementing to optimize vitamin D levels increased testosterone levels by 25 percent. 

Too Much Estrogen

Men make estrogen, unlike women, males don’t make our estrogen from our ovaries (for obvious reasons), but in the male body, testosterone is converted into estrogen in the liver by an enzyme called aromatase. One common issue we find in patients is a hormonal imbalance caused by an over-aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. 

If you are struggling with low libido, stress, weight fluctuations, and low-testosterone Core Medical Group can help improve your overall health and wellness with a variety of treatments.  We offer over 11 different erectile dysfunction medications to support ED. The first step in our 3 part process is to get blood work done in one of our national clinics.  After we review your blood work a member of our medical staff will review the results and develop a unique protocol, just for you!  


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